Children at Moscow Bible School
have fun working on their kits.

The Christadelphian Save the Children Fund has commenced for the sole purpose of providing kits and Bible lessons in native languages to children in Eastern Europe, Caribbean countries, South America, India, Africa, Philippines and any other ares of the world that request our assistance through linkmen.

We have notified all Christadelphian agencies of our mandate and objectives and are working with the CBMA, CBM, and CBM Europe, CSSU, in providing these kits for children of brothers and sisters in need.

This service compliments the work of the CBM, CIL, CSSU and does not duplicate the lessons already provided nor work outside of their cooperation and awareness. Any needs brought to our attention by individuals or ecclesias are then forwarded to the linkmen for each region and kits are filled as per their requirements.

Our objective is to spread God's Word while the opportunity allows us. We have heard from many ecclesias throughout the world and they have unanimously voiced their support to get involved in the welfare of our children throughout the world. Our fellowship depends upon it. By the grace of God and your help it will succeed in bringing God's Word to the hearts and minds of His heritage — the children..